Country Champs 2017- Bring it on
Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 5.12.10 pm
Swim on
2018 School Championships at homebush
SOPAC-At all schools selections Homebush
number 1 iron man south coast
I just won the South Coast Branch Ironman 2017!
My first Sydney Water Surf Series.
collage baby layke
Little Layke
Relay at SLSC State.
branch championships
The line up against a cranking competitor
surfing in 2018
A bit of fun out in the surf. I have a great coach.
rive squad
Board Training! My favourite! Out on the river with friends.
branch championships
At Branch Championships 2017 with my mate (he is a great competitor too).
Carnival at south coast
At a carnival 2018, I felt strong that day.
layke at State
At Country Championships South West Rocks.