So far…..

Here I am at NSW Country Championships in 2017

Hi everyone,

I thought i’d tell you a bit about me and why I love swimming and everything.

I have been swimming for as long as I can remember. First I started like all kids with a back bubble swimming for fun and now I swim for fun but with no bubble ha ha lol.

So, I would do little learn to swim lessons and I moved through them quickly and my Mum and Dad soon saw that I loved the water. They booked me into more lessons 2 a week. We moved from Penrith to Kiama too and in year 1,  I begun swimming and I did not like it at first, it scared me, but then I got more confident.  So, At first I was nervous about racing and I would get really scared. Then bit by bit I got better and started to really love racing. If you want to follow my results each month go to Current racing results and times  (When you click on the link Type in my name you can see all my races and times)

I made it to State and Country Swimming in Homebush, Sydney, NSW, Australia in 2015, 2016, 2018 and I got a taste for big Competition Racing and big nerves too.

My swimming will continue and I will keep getting better in the pool even in this little country town. Here are some pictures of me as a baby learning to swim.

collage baby layke
My love of all things water began early this is me at 4 years old


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