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About me:

Hi. My name is Layke Shipley and I am 11 years old. I am a Swimmer and Surf Lifesaving athlete from Kiama Downs. I am currently one of the top swimmers for my age in the NSW South Coast area. I train 5 days a week and am constantly improving. I get up at 5 o’clock  on many of these days and my Mum or Dad take me to training before school, I train after school also. I am really trying hard. My dream is to one day become one of the best in swimming and Ironman in NSW. If I work hard maybe I can make it to Nationals.

For Donations/ Sponsorship

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Fundraising to support my Sporting Career.  

I am seeking sponsorship or donations and this is why I need help. 

Entry to some carnivals can be up to $17.50 per race and I am starting to qualify for up to 15 races so that is $262.50 just for one day of racing. Many of these carnivals are far away so we need to get there (petrol) and often we have to stay as well (accommodation costs a lot). The Surf Lifesaving Carnivals are held all over Australia too (more travel and fees and accommodation costs). Uniforms cost at least $500 and they change from year to year. I need gear, swimwear, wetsuits and I have to see the local Physiotherapist to help prevent injuries.  Being coached and the cost of training is another expense too.

I understand that it is very expensive to be doing my sport. I try to help by collecting bottles and cans that I take to Return and Earn recycling. I make some pocket money and by doing this it helps Mum and Dad and is also good for the environment.

I am doing this fundraising as an “Individual Athlete” as part of the Australian Sports Foundation Fundraising program which I have been fully approved for. A portion of your donation(5%) will go to the ASF.

If you can help me that would be great, but if not that’s ok too. Thank you for reading about me and my sport.  

For Donations/ Sponsorship

click on Project Layke 2018   Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 3.47.35 pm

I will use your donations for Coaching and Training, Travel and accomodation for training camps and competitions, Competition entry costs,  Uniforms, Medical and Nutrition costs

What will you get out of sponsoring and donating?

– Sponsorship or Donations over $25 will receive a Certificate of Thanks from me

– Sponsorship or Donations over $100 will receive a Certificate of Thanks and be acknowledged on my website

– Business Sponsors or Donors that contribute  over $500 will be acknowledged (including business logo) on my web page for 1 year and receive a Certificate of Thanks.

– For Business Sponsors and Donors that contribute over $1000, your business name and Logo will be monogrammed on my Swim Jammers.  I will put your business logo on my web page for 2 years.

– For private donations of over $500 if you wish to be acknowledged in some way other than a certificate please email me your ideas of how you would like to be acknowledged.

Thank you for supporting me everyone.

Layke Shipley

For Donations/ Sponsorship

click on→ Project Layke 2018

Thank you for supporting me everyone. 

Layke Shipley


Thanks to these people for Donating and/ or Sponsoring me.

Faye and Paul Wyer, Toni Hodges, Margie Fixter, Mitch Spackman, Tracey Green, Poppah and Wah Wah, Lachlan and Kristy Frappell, Dawn and M Calvert and Anonymous, . You guys are officially # Awesome

Remember all donations go through the Australian Sports Foundation and then I have to show the money went where I plan for it to go. So, your money is going to exactly where it is meant to.  






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